Seaprime Marine Management PVT LTD. is confident that we can meet all of the requirements and demands of owner / manager / operators, and maintain a fleet of quality vessels, standards possible, while retaining a high degree of cost efficiency.”

Crew Manning Agency

Our key services include sourcing highly qualified, trained and experienced seafarers across all hierarchies to maritime operators for all categories of vessels – Oil, Product, Chemical Tankers, LPG, Bulkers, Cargo, Reffers, Containers, Passenger Vessels, OSV, Tugs in compliance with international standards. Apart from this, Seaprime also undertakes other services, which include supply of Repair Party, Dry Docking Party, Chipping Painting, Workshop Staff, Welders& Fitters.

With regards to our crew, we guarantee and take absolute responsibility of assigning experienced personnel who are:

  • Certified in compliance with STCW 95 standards
  • Medically fit for service
  • Adequately experienced to operate assigned vessels

We also aim to standardize our services to ensure safety, efficiency, and optimal pricing points on management services delivered to our consumers. In lieu of this, our objectives include:

  • Maintain the highest standards of recruitment in order to match international standards of excellence
  • Prevention of onsite mishaps and interruptions
  • Timely & flexible cargo services
  • Compliance with legal and class requirements in order to secure consumer interests
  • Focusing on consumer satisfaction to retain tenured clients and build long term associations
  • Continually implementing quality improvement efforts to keep sight of industry trends and advancement

To wrap it up, we have designed our ecosystem to ensuring safety, excellence, compliance & cost efficiency.

Other Services:

SPM also offers service in :

  • Ship provision supply in INDIA
  • Owners Ship in India handling
  • Ship Bunkers supply in India
  • Ship spare parts
  • Ship sales & purchase brokerages
  • Ship management & certification including surveys
  • Owners representative & on owners demand we always stand to serve our best attention given.

These services are fully supported by the organization linkage with major shipper’s broker’s charterer’s and traders for continuous employment of ships.

Our policy is to ensure




Effectiveness and excellence of our services

Compliance with all applicable National and International standards

Cost efficiency