Technical Management 

SPM, a comprehensive service provider, adeptly and skilfully safeguards and manages the interests and assets of shipowners on a global scale through top-tier technical management services and various industry-related support.

We uphold vessels in their prime condition through a customized Planned Maintenance System (PMS) and a team of highly experienced technical professionals. We closely monitor performance to ensure energy efficiency and other benefits, with our unwavering commitment to delivering sustainable, top-tier care.

Our technical and centralized procurement departments are dedicated to meeting budget goals while adhering to established best practices in marine technical maintenance support. We never compromise on safety, compliance, or environmental responsibility, consistently applying best practices in the following areas:

  1. Communication, including proactive interaction with vessels to anticipate potential issues.
  2. Customized, in-house IT systems and support.
  3. Ongoing financial performance monitoring and assessment.

Capitalizing on economies of scale and leveraging our strong purchasing power, partnerships, and network alliances to achieve cost savings.

Our centralized Procurement Department plays a pivotal role in the technical management of our managed fleet. We maintain enduring relationships with leading suppliers, shipyards, and repair facilities to ensure that our clients consistently receive reliable and high-quality services at competitive rates.

Utilizing a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) ensures both high vessel utilization and efficiency in procuring spares and supplies.